Our Mission

Coincentrix Capital is a digital asset research firm equally engaged in blockchain technology development & implementations. Founded in 2017, Coincentrix Capital thrives to assemble all necessary services and tools for a wide range of customers across multiple industries with focus on using blockchain technology to revolutionize existing processes

Digital Asset Research

Coincentrix Capital Research: Research firm fusing data analytics ,alternative strategies, performance algorithms and Blockchain related tools to produce research data for insights into the blockchain ecosystem.

Blockchain Product Development

Coincentrix Capital is working within the blockchain R&D space to innovate and create applications to be used to enhance adoption and user interaction with cryptocurrencies.

Educational Outreach

Coincentrix Capital is working within the academia space to aid the awarenesses of the Blockchain ecosystem. Awareness and adoption of Blockchain technologies are our identified areas to increase and innovate.

Software Development

Coincentrix Capital delivers blockchain software consulting as well as high impact product development for a wide range of industries. Our current initiative covers multiple sectors including healthcare, telecommunications, farming, money services and logistics.


Oyedeji Oluwoye

Founder & Head of Research

Oyedeji is currently a Network Planning Engineer at AT&T Mobility where he’s Cisco certified with concentrations in wireless and design along with IP Networking. Oyedeji completed his Masters in Computer Science from Alabama A&M University, with a thesis focused on the “Network Analysis of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies; and has won numerous blockchain initiatives after founding Coincentrix Capital.

Pascal Ntsama IV

Founder & Head of Operations

Pascal is currently a Telecommunications Engineer with over 8 years of experience designing networks for AT&T and Sprint at the local and headquarters level. Pascal has coordinated multimillion dollar projects to prepare mobile operators’ networks to support IOT (The Internet of things) and 5G data traffic. Pascal is well versed in software development. He is a Certified Bitcoin Professional and the COO of Coincentrix.

Takaunia Carastarphen

Project Manager

Takaunia Carstarphen is our Project Manager. By day she serves as an IT Project Analyst at Envision Healthcare involved in anesthesia and ambulatory data management. She oversaw public relation matters for Coincentrix’s Educational Outreach Program with Zcash. She is an experienced Computer Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive industry.

Justin Brantley

Investment Consultant

Justin Brantley currently works in banking, developing and owning multiple hedge fund client relationships during the onboarding process to ensure a successful long-term partnership. Prior to banking, Justin helped Fortune 500 companies streamline their operations process and develop bespoke professional development engagements for their employees. Justin is a keen trader, with experience in fixed asset trading.

At Coincentrix, we believe decentralization is a natural occurrence rapidly nurturing across the world. Our goal is to remain at the fore front of both its technology and ideology by engaging in R&D and educational activities leading to product development for wide adoption. We are excited to be participants in this space and we look forward to solving the most pertinent social impact challenges with world class software.

Oyedeji Oluwoye
Founder & Head of Research, Coincentrix Capital
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