Project Description

It is imperative for our firm to use education as a Segway to other services and products on our firm’s overall roadmap. Education is the most viable method to blockchain technology adoption regardless of the growing number of active cryptocurrency traders around the world. Our objectives for outreach fall within onsite events, online events, and academia research. Over the last three years, Coincentrix has participated in the following:

  • Emory University STEM Symposium (presenter)
  • HBCU Technology Summit at Morehouse University (2017 panelist)
  • Black Blockchain Summit (2018/2019 panelist)
  • Disrupt Innovation F (2017/2018 presenter)
  • KOP Youth Entrepreneurial Summit (2019 presenter)
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Zero Knowledge Proof

The concept of privacy in the digital world is still far fetched. This presents a unique opportunity for projects like Zcash to cultivate hope for every participant in the digital words. It is now evident that encryption will become the new norm, cryptography will be pushed to its maximum capabilities, and users on the digital word will demand more control over their data

Global Approach

I believe promoting the technology behind cryptocurrencies carries more weight than speculating it’s future monetary value. Cryptocurrencies are the first mass use case for decentralized computing; however, there exists a universe of services, products and value transfer capable of using blockchains

Social Impact

I believe social good will account for a significant amount of cryptocurrency transactions in the future. Distribution networks and reward based systems are more efficient on a decentralized network due to their inherited immutable and transparent nature. My involvement with the Menergi Project is solely based on it’s dedication to save lives through blockchain technology. I am excited to be the Global Relations Director for this project and look forward to saving more lives

Crypto Business Case

Money as we know today has undergone several shape-shifts ranging from trade by barter, to the gold standard and the U.S. dollar. Based off an evident historical trend, money and trade will always evolve overtime. Cryptocurrencies may be the next evolution of money and we are at its initiation.

Onsite Outreach

We have taken part in multiple outreach initiatives since the beginning of Coincentrix

Online Outreach

We are frequent participants of the Online Disruptive Innovation Technology Festival

Academia Reseach

We are working with students and faculty at Alabama A&M and Osun State university