Our proposal originates from the ongoing and future construction plan including reconstruction of the north & south terminal parking deck and expansion of the T concourse. This push notification feature will assist travelers and employees to be better informed of closures and relocation seamlessly by providing them geo-based data in real-time.

ClientAtlanta Hartsfields Jackson International Airport

Project Summary

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the planet’s busiest airport! Coincentrix has secured the position as a vendor with our application NexMove. Coincentrix won 1st place in the ATLThinks Marketing and Design Innovation Program, thanks to the hard work of Oydeji Oluwoye, Cal Supik, and TK Carstarphen. The program is powered by Atlanta’s International Airport, under the ATLNext Construction Navigation Design Category.


ATLNext is the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport new development program. Hartsfield-Jackson currently accommodates two hundred seventy thousand passengers daily, approximately one hundred four million passengers annually.  Hartsfield-Jackson is currently undergoing a multimillion dollar, 20-year expansion; renovating the domestic terminals and concourses; as well as, constructing a 4-star hotel, a travel plaza, and additional parking. These projects, which fall under six general areas, will help secure Hartsfield-Jackson’s position as the world’s busiest and most efficient airport, and further bolster the Airport’s goal to provide the best possible customer service while meeting passengers’ changing needs.

Our Solution

NexMove is our web and mobile application that will develop a solution for decreasing navigational confusion for travelers during the expansion project.  NexMove is using geofencing technology to provide dynamic, real time, location-based notifications to travelers navigating in and around the airport.

The Impact

The goal of our application NexMove is to decrease navigation confusion during the expansion. We are trying to innovate the way people navigate the airport. It is important to us to assist Atlanta’s airport in securing the position as the most efficient airport in the world. NexMove was developed to further aid the airport’s goal in meeting the changing needs of travelers. By focusing on the airport employees and frequent fliers, our application will not only make it more convenient for the focused target group, but for general passengers as well.