43% of retail merchants in Nigeria spend 7% of their revenue to maintain mobile PoS devices still transactions fail. Mostly caused by connectivity issues with 47.1% internet penetration. With Oneswich banks and merchants access, PoS enabled services on USSD, allowing users to pay merchants with bank USSDs. we understand inclusion. We see its absence, understand its essence and ensuring its presence.

Target MarketNigeria
Population200 million
Unbanked60 million

Project Summary

USSD’s simplicity is what makes it so powerful, as all phones can easily support it without the processing hardware demanded by smartphone platforms such as Android and iOS. With your bank connected to us and we connected to them. Users can easily dial USSD codes and will pay their favorite merchants securely, even when standing in a queue. Our merchant receives payment on  Trfcode  similar to bank account numbers, the can create Trfcode much as they need, connect them to your branch’s,  Immediately payments are made to  Trfcode, merchants confirm using our custom USSD  by dialing e.g *247*payID# simple. Merchants can accept cryptocurrencies and get local currency equivalent settled in minutes.

The Impact

Meeting the needs of entrepreneurs in the emerging market means doing more than processing payments. With Loans payable per transaction, Savings also per transactions. We help buiness grow capital without sacrificing revenue. What keeps businesses in Africa from going cashless  may surprise you, we see them and building on it.

Project Lead

Dennis is currently working with Opay a Chinese African Fintech giant. BA International relations and currently studying at Business Administration with Nexford. Serial founder working on different vertical. Consulted and helped  built Startups to a venture funded stages. An Ecosystem builder and Founder@Citural first female focused Tech company in Africa. Also member Fintech Circle London etc.